Like all great things, The W List started small. Although there are no garages in our story, we did start as a one-person company working out of a small apartment in Patagonia, Argentina circa 2008.

Today, The W List is based in Los Angeles and acts as SCH Entertainment‘s one-stop shop combining the strengths of traditional marketing with the powerful and endless potential of social media. Recognized as a top talent-buying group, the agency aims to increase brand awareness and reach untapped audiences through meaningful partnerships. We have serviced 85+ brands across 300+ digital campaigns worldwide, including SpotifyDisney Channel, Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Telefe, Coca Cola, Lionsgate, American Eagle, and more.


Our talent division works side by side with reps and talent teams to maximize their clients potential across all new media platforms. Over the years, we’ve found our place as a talent-first group serving some of today’s most influential names and award-winning artists. We help guide their online presence, grow their social media pages, develop content plans, monetize digital endeavors, and secure brand partnerships while fiercely protecting the artist’s personal brand.

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We work with a variety of brands in the areas of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and tech. Traditional marketing efforts and market research tools are combined with digital branding and curated content creation to generate brand awareness through social media, one-of-a-kind live experiences, and influencer programs. Our client list is available upon request.


We believe even the smallest acts of kindess can make a big difference. Our Non-Profit division was born purely out of love, with the hope it would help artists give back through meaningful partnerships and volunteer opportunities. 

Some of our most recent programs were designed to support St. Jude’s, The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Fundacion SiJuvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, CASA, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


Visual storytelling is where it all started for us. In a digital era that moves faster than anything else the studio world has seen, we lend a helping hand to production companies of all sizes and platforms. Backed by ten years of unparalled success, we strategically create and develop interactive campaigns that deliver engaged viewers and loyal fans.

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The W List is powered by SCH Entertainment LLC